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Legacy Act 2 Concept Art

  Well, we’ve reached the end of Legacy’s first act, and before I get into my thoughts about managing a project like this I’d to thank everyone who’s read, subscribed, liked, upvoted, commented or supported the series on Patreon thus… Continue Reading →

Legacy Chapter Forty Five

Somewhere along the way, I suppose I started thinking of chimeras as being akin to my own children. And now, having watched him grow, I’ve come to a realization. That like all children, they must someday step beyond their parents,… Continue Reading →

Legacy Chapter Forty Four

Regret? We don’t have time to feel regret. We don’t have time to worry about things like what might have been, or what might someday be. We chimeras, we live in the now, we live in the moment. Taking happiness… Continue Reading →

Legacy Chapter Forty Three

Love, now there is something worth living for. Chapter Forty Three : The mark of a king. Yawning as he stretched out on the bed, Kato started kneading at the air in an attempt to make himself comfortable once more…. Continue Reading →

Legacy Chapter Thirty and Thirty One

To be able to find happiness, isn’t that what all parents want for their children? Chapter Thirty : Different people, different lives. “They said that I had a visitor.” Kneeling before the middle aged man who was standing alone in… Continue Reading →

Legacy Chapter Twenty Nine

The art of being a companion is not an easy thing to master, as not only must one be able to tend to the needs of the body, but to the needs of the mind as well. Alas, few if… Continue Reading →

Legacy Chapter Fifteen

There is a fourth measure of controlling chimeras currently in development. Dubbed by some to be ‘the final failsafe’ it is a terrible and frightening thing to even contemplate. For even though I cannot condone the creation, or even the… Continue Reading →

Legacy Concept Art Kato

Bancho Life

Bancho Life Flats

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