Lustre Zeal

Lustre Zeal Prototype 4

Sweet Holy Mother of Crap on a Freaking Crutch! Scuse me while I get that off my chest but I was not expecting it to take me as long as it did just to finish a single page. I mean… Continue Reading →

Lustre Zeal Prototype Three

  This turned out better then I thought it would. Granted that isn’t saying all that much as many of the framing devices used in comics are still unfamiliar to me and if this were a novel I could easily… Continue Reading →

Lustre Zeal Prototype 2

Sounds like a good deal to me, and besides, who wouldn’t trust that face? If you feel like if you feel like supporting Lustre Zeal or any of the future projects I have in store then check out my Patreon… Continue Reading →

Lustre Zeal Prototype 1

  And so begins a new adventure, Lustre Zeal : The Vanishing World! An into other world fantasy adventure (cough) Isekai (cough) that is in no way a nostalgia trip or an homage to the kind of manga and videogames… Continue Reading →

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