Lustre Zeal Prologue Pg 5

If you feel like if you feel like supporting Lustre Zeal or any of the future projects I have in store then check out my Patreon page, the link can be found here: http://patreon.com/user?u=3705901

Luster Zeal Prologue Pg 1

  Lustre Zeal Prologue Page One This . . . is going to take some getting used to. And I don’t just mean the formatting and editing which is its own thing, but rather the existential anxiety and fear that… Continue Reading →

Luster Zeal Cover Art

  Lustre Zeal Cover Art Now I know why cartoon shows spend over eighty percent of their animation budget on the intro, if its the first thing people are going to see you want it to be as memorable as… Continue Reading →

Sketch Work 7.13.17

  Sketch Work 7.13.17 I’m almost certain muscles don’t work that way, but eh, between trying to develop the manual dexterity to control the direction of the line and the understanding of tone and value when working with inks at… Continue Reading →

Design Works 2.25.17

  Design Works 2.25.17 I don’t know what it is about my brain that causes an image to normalize so damn fast, but it can be unbelievably obnoxious at times. On the one hand I tend to look at a… Continue Reading →

Design Works 1.28.17

  Starting to get somewhere in terms of being able to come up with a consistent look and feel. Coloring is getting easier as well. Mostly trying to work out the details for a comic project so character designs like… Continue Reading →

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