Three Heroes

  Development Log 7.7.17 Still working on developing Lustre Zeal. I managed to write a script for the first couple of pages that serves to establish the setting and the primary conflict, but when it came to laying out the… Continue Reading →

Legacy Act 2 Chapter One

Act two: Tiger Tiger Burning Bright In my youth, I reveled in the glory the beast brought to me, and with its power, paved the way for the man I would one day become. ~~King Chapter One : The road… Continue Reading →

Strange Land

  Strange Land This was supposed to be the cover image for a comic I was working on, I even wrote a script for it and everything. But once it came time to work on the comic itself . …. Continue Reading →

Legacy Chapter Thirty and Thirty One

To be able to find happiness, isn’t that what all parents want for their children? Chapter Thirty : Different people, different lives. “They said that I had a visitor.” Kneeling before the middle aged man who was standing alone in… Continue Reading →

Design Works 2.25.17

  Design Works 2.25.17 I don’t know what it is about my brain that causes an image to normalize so damn fast, but it can be unbelievably obnoxious at times. On the one hand I tend to look at a… Continue Reading →

Eden Code

  I think my influences are starting to show up in my work more and more as this feels a bit like an homage to the kind of saturday morning cartoons I grew up with more then anything else. Well,… Continue Reading →

Design Works

  Felt like drawing something, dragonish. Mostly just a quick sketch with some color added on as practice. Still trying to get a feel for painting digitally and the processes that are involved.

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