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Luster Zeal Cover Art

  Lustre Zeal Cover Art Now I know why cartoon shows spend over eighty percent of their animation budget on the intro, if its the first thing people are going to see you want it to be as memorable as… Continue Reading →

The Compass of Balance and Order

  More concept art for Lustre Zeal. While attempting to try and develop the look and feel of the world the characters interact with I’ve also been trying to learn how to balance the aesthetics that I enjoyed while growing… Continue Reading →

Three Heroes

  Development Log 7.7.17 Still working on developing Lustre Zeal. I managed to write a script for the first couple of pages that serves to establish the setting and the primary conflict, but when it came to laying out the… Continue Reading →

Layout Test 6.25.17

  Layout test 6.25.17 Ever get the feeling when you sit down to write or draw that your fears and doubts are trying to creep up on you? Also weekly development log! Development Log 6.30.17 A week in review. Too… Continue Reading →

Legacy Act 2 Concept Art

  Well, we’ve reached the end of Legacy’s first act, and before I get into my thoughts about managing a project like this I’d to thank everyone who’s read, subscribed, liked, upvoted, commented or supported the series on Patreon thus… Continue Reading →


  Chronoworks Whelp . . . that’s a dramatic level of improvement. Still need to work on color theory and construction but at least the ideas are getting interesting.

Inking test 6.3.17

  Well, the good news is I managed to find books on how to draw manga that actually go on to name the techniques that Japanese artists use and the reasons for them. Now I just have to work on… Continue Reading →

Earth Shattering Roar

  Well, there is definitely a color pallette at work here. Not sure whether the look and feel really embodies the more dark and mature themes I prefer to work with when writing but it is a step towards being… Continue Reading →

A Distant Star

  I’m starting to wonder just how much choice artists really have when it comes to the techniques they use because not only are we limited by the means, the methods, and the medium we use, but also the time… Continue Reading →

Layout Test 4.16.17

  Ye gods, there’s like a billion and one things going on behind the scenes with this picture and just trying to keep track of them all is like stepping into strange and foreign territory. First there’s writing the script,… Continue Reading →

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