Legacy Act 2 Chapter Five

No matter how many times I think about it, no matter how many times I ask myself the question, is this right? The answer always remains the same. King’s Private Journal Chapter Five : The things we do for a… Continue Reading →

Legacy Act 2 Chapter Four

Due to the sheer size and complexity of SynCity, and the challenges that we will face in meeting the daily needs of such an immense population, it would seem a far more prudent course of action to divide our fair… Continue Reading →

Legacy Chapter Forty Four

Regret? We don’t have time to feel regret. We don’t have time to worry about things like what might have been, or what might someday be. We chimeras, we live in the now, we live in the moment. Taking happiness… Continue Reading →

Legacy Chapter Forty Three

Love, now there is something worth living for. Chapter Forty Three : The mark of a king. Yawning as he stretched out on the bed, Kato started kneading at the air in an attempt to make himself comfortable once more…. Continue Reading →

Legacy Chapter Thirty Seven

When one is first freed from the bonds of consequence, and forced to face the temptation to use the freedom which has arisen within their very soul, an unenviable choice must then be made. To abandon humanity forever, and be… Continue Reading →

Legacy Chapter Twenty Five

We are true products of our environment. Just as surely as we can carry the traces of the lands and the ages into which we are born, so to do we acquire from others the marks and distinctions that serve… Continue Reading →

Legacy Chapter Fifteen

There is a fourth measure of controlling chimeras currently in development. Dubbed by some to be ‘the final failsafe’ it is a terrible and frightening thing to even contemplate. For even though I cannot condone the creation, or even the… Continue Reading →

Legacy Chapter Thirteen

Several unintended side effects of the genetic enhancement process have led chimeras to develop traits many people consider undesirable to the human condition, the most notable of which is the female chimera’s increased desire for sexual activity during the periods… Continue Reading →

Legacy Chapter Two

Possessing both the courage to master themselves and the ability to suppress their own egos, Chimeras of the servant caste are the ones who hold our society together. They are our teachers, our dreamers, our artists, and our friends. Filling… Continue Reading →

Legacy Prologue

Legacy A Novel By Twilightiger Prologue They created us . . . to be companions; caretakers and caregivers, tailor made to fit their every dream and fantasy, and in time they came to depend on us, maybe even care for… Continue Reading →

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