This was a study I did in order to get a handle on the kind of techniques typically found in illustrations done for movie posters. Since each medium conveys its message differently and has its own form language, I find that focusing solely on learning to draw comics doesn’t provide the kind of insight that allows me to solve the problems that I’ve encountered when dealing with a fixed perspective or even draftsmanship. Sure its easy enough to learn to draw the same characters again and again, but when it comes time to convey a particular emotion, or to put myself in the position of the audience, the limits of my own ability to visualize the scene in question or conceptualize the environment surrounding the characters becomes all too apparent, and when I try to look deeper into the image, the underlying structure all seems to fall apart. So when in doubt, I try to pick a scene or moment from one of the stories that I’m working on to see if I can convey at least some of the ideas that are already familiar to me. In this case pulling characters from Legacy and putting them into a Film Noir style movie poster is in keeping with the themes of organized crime, mafia connections, and familial relations that make up the bulk of the narrative. And while the science fiction is there to provide an interesting set of circumstances in which to build a backdrop, at its heart Legacy delves far deeper into darkness that comes to dwell within the human psyche when we step beyond the bounds of so called normal society and begin paying a price in order to gain the power to protect the one’s we love then it does into hard sci-fi.