Legacy Concept Art The HIP

This isn’t at all what I had in mind when I wrote the scene this image is based on, but like many drawings, between the conception and the execution falls the limits of reality, and that means in order to get it to work the way I saw it in my mind, I have to increase my level of ability.

Having said that the Human Instrumentality Project was originally intended to develop a series of genetic modifications that would allow humanity to endure the hardships of a life spent travelling in space. Problems such as prolonged exposure to radiation, bone loss due to micro gravity, I mean it sounds nice to stick people into cryogenic suspension and send out sleeper ships that can take a hundred years or so to reach their destination, but even at sub-light speeds, the problems inherent in an automated ship being able to deal with the constant barrage of debris impacting a hull means that you have to be able to predict a potential systems failure before it happens, and that requires some seriously crazy computer processing power, or the ability to interpret the flow of events either through precognition or some other extra-sensory perception. I won’t bore you with all of the details on the research I did, so best just to say that the Newtypes in Gundam are pretty much the closest I’ve come to finding a reasonable corollary that would allow humanity to adapt to a life in space without crossing some seriously ethical boundries.

When it comes to post-humanism and transhumanism ideologies however, that’s a very different story altogether and leads to some bizarre, well, bizarre by the mainstreams idea of science fiction anyway, conflicts that I’m not sure Western audiences have the stomach for.