Careful Kato, blush any harder and your head might explode.

While not exactly the scene I had in mind . . . alright it looks nothing like the scene I had in mind but shockingly enough that seems to happen a lot with drawing something as no sooner do you finish committing an idea to paper, you come up with another that is even better in every conceivable way. Until you realize that you don’t actually have the skills to pull it off and are left wondering where you went off course. Seriously though, while I do feel that I managed to convey Kato’s sense of unease at being naked in an unfamiliar environment, I don’t believe that I managed to quite capture the essence of the character as portrayed in the novel.

Which might sound odd, I mean how can an artist who is also the author not be able to convey that kind of information and well, as far as I can tell it falls into the same trap as anything else that involves an adaptation. Which in an overly complicated nutshell has to do with emotional investiture and the extension of self, but also depends on the actual skill of the artist as there are often hidden expectations underlying the process that have to do with aesthetic narratives and familiarity with the subject matter. Which can often be seen evidenced whenever a story that relies more on subjective appeals to emotion then it does on conveying knowledge about events in a meaningful or logical way starts a Zeitgeist and immediately starts drawing fire from all sides. Its a weird, subjective, and really bizarre facet of human nature that seems to plague science fiction more then any other genre, but I’d say that’s because in science fiction you need to have at least a basic understanding of the concepts involved to really get the story whereas in fantasy, here’s a sharp pointy object, the bad guy is over there, oh look, he just kicked a dog, what do you do? Tells you everything you really need to know.

Still, experience makes the difference as these are all challenges that tend to become apparent only after you’ve bumbled into them a few times.