Due to the conditional nature of psychological programming, certain universal control measures have been put into place in order to reinforce the biological limitations placed upon all current generation chimeras.

First, is the control collars, which serve as a physical and mental deterrent for unwanted and negative social behaviors.

Second, is the deactivation of key genetic sequences related to fertility and their ability to breed in number. To put it simply, every female chimera’s ability to reproduce must always be strictly regulated and controlled, otherwise their numbers could easily grow to someday equal or surpass our own.

The third is dependent on humans, and is perhaps in its own way, the most insidious and destructive of them all. For we must always act in ways that serve to reinforce the idea of human superiority in their minds. Because if we do anything less, then we will open the gates to rebellion, and watch, as their uncontrollable rage spreads across this world like a wave.

~~Undisclosed report penned by Alexander Markov.

Chapter Twelve : Lost amidst the twilight.

Staring into the depths of the infinite abyss that loomed before him, Kato held the tip of a single clawed finger just above Johnathan’s throat. The temptation to kill him having risen up from deep within his soul, he had waited until the irregular pace of Johnathan’s shallow breathing had finally slowed, indicating that he had at last fallen into the depths of a deep and dreamless sleep.

With no twinge of conscience, or single symptom of remorse to mar his almost angelic features, it sickened Kato to think that this, thing, lying before him would awaken, only to feel nothing but delight in knowing that he had brought to others such misery and pain.

Bloodlust began to fill his mind like thoughts of a long lost lover. Caressing him with an infinite attention to care and detail he watched, as unable to deny his hatred of everything that Johnathan had ever done, the world within his field of vision slowly started to turn a single vivid shade of red.

It would be so easy to just, let it happen. Just a single slip of the finger across the surface of his skin, and he wouldn’t even have time enough to wake.

Do it. Whispered the animal inside his mind. And the world will become a better place.

Choking back a cry of anger and rage, Kato closed his hand into a fist, and squeezed until the sweet kiss of pain brought him back to his senses. No. He thought as he slowly pulled his hand away. I refuse to become a monster. I refuse to become like you.

Moving away from Johnathan, Kato sat down next to Lady, and placing his hand on her shoulder, shook her awake.

Her eye’s opening in a panic as she sat bolt upright, Lady’s screams were muffled by his hand suddenly being placed over her mouth. “Mmphh. Mmphh. Mmphh?”

Kato pressed a finger to his lips. “Shhhh.” He looked over at Johnathan and Zack. Either they were both still asleep, or too drugged to notice. He didn’t particularly care which.

Letting out a breath he hadn’t known he’d been holding Kato said. “If you want to escape, then do as I say, and don’t make a sound. Okay?”

Once Lady had nodded her understanding, only then did he remove his hand.

Looking around one last time, just to make sure they were still asleep he said. “Okay, we can go.”

Helping Lady to her feet, Kato had to keep her from falling over as she struggled just to stand. “Sorry,” She said as she leaned into his chest. “But it’s a bit difficult for me to walk right now. Just, give me a minute or two to get my balance back and I’ll be fine.”

I’m sorry,” Said Kato softly, “But right now, we don’t exactly have time to wait until you feel better.” Feeling the all too familiar thrill of danger making his blood dance in his veins Kato realized he had never been this close to a woman his own age before, and that just by being near her, he was starting to question his own self control. “Besides, if it really hurts that much to walk,” He said, not knowing where the words were coming from, “Then just say so, and I’ll carry you.”

Lady cocked her head to the side. “It’s sweet of you to offer but, just wait for one second would you?” Letting go of Kato’s arm she began taking tentative steps towards Johnathan.

What are you doing?” Kato whispered. “Did you lose something?” Standing completely still as Lady rooted through Johnathan’s pants with all the subtlety of a practiced thief, he felt his jaw start to drop in sheer surprise.

Are you out of your mind!” He hissed. “What if he—”

Got it.” Lady held up Johnathan’s wallet, while secretly slipping the remote that he had used on Kato into her own pocket. “We never discussed a price.” Pocketing the cash, the cred cards, and everything else that he had been carrying that was of potential value, she tossed the now empty wallet aside and said. “So consider this payment, for all the trouble that you’ve caused me.” Stroking his hair softly she whispered into his ear. “So sleep well, you piece of shit prince.”

Not bad.” Said Kato, his respect for her suddenly rising. “Not bad at all.”

Giving him a fae look as she slipped her arm around his shoulders, Lady let Kato lift her into the air and said. “Impressed you did I?”

Well, maybe you did, but only just a little.” Kato felt himself begin to blush beneath his fur as Lady made herself comfortable in his arms. She was so much lighter and softer than he had expected her to be. And with the way that she seemed to conform to the contours of his chest, it was almost as if they had been made for each other. “Actually, I think that a lot about you impresses me.” His tail started swaying back and forth, betraying his interest in her. “I mean, I’ve never met a woman even half as strong you are. Being able to put aside your own pain in order to focus on the moment, there aren’t many people who can do that. And the way that you grabbed him by the balls!” Kato’s whiskers twitched appreciatively. “I never would have thought of that. Well, I would’ve gone for his throat, but it amounts to the same thing.”

Listening to him ramble on, Lady wondered if she was seeing a side of him that he rarely showed to anyone else, a side that only those who were closest to him ever got to see.

Could it be that, somewhere beneath all the calm composure, the tough guy exterior, he’s nothing more then a big kitten? Running her fingers through the ruff of fur that surrounded Kato’s neck she thought to herself. Let’s find out.

You know,” Said Lady as Kato started to purr, “I suspect that coming from you, some of that was actually meant to be a compliment.” Breathing in his scent, a heady mix of musk and vanilla that spoke to her of health and virility she added. “Careful now, or I might start to think that you were falling for me.”

Well,” Said Kato as he carried her out of the cabin. “I don’t know about that, I mean, no offense, but this really doesn’t seem like a good way to start a relationship to me.”

Oh I don’t know about that. People have been known to fall for each other in far worse situations than this. Besides,” Grabbing hold of his traitorous tail, Lady gave it a playful squeeze. “Seems to me that your tail is saying something completely different from what you are. Now I wonder why that is?”

Maybe it likes you.” Kato blinked in surprise the moment that he realized exactly what it was that he had just said.

Lady smiled. Now that she had found all the proof she needed, there was only one thing left to uncover. She was suddenly in his face, her doe eyes alight with mischief when she said. “What’s your name anyway?”

Um. . .” Kato forced himself to swallow past the lump that had suddenly formed in his throat. He could feel his body responding unconsciously to her touch, and while it wasn’t an entirely unpleasant sensation, the conflicting mix of emotions and desires he felt just by being near her was leaving him feeling more then just a little confused. “Why do you want to know?”

Well, you are saving me aren’t you?” Lady let go of his tail and touched her fingers to his face. “Besides, it would be nice to know the name of my rescuer. In case I should ever have to, reward you.”

Letting her scratch him behind the ears he whispered. “Kato. My name is Kato.”

Kato.” Tasting his name on her lips, Lady found that she was starting to like him more then she did already. “Mine’s Lady. Now, be a gentleman and,” Resting her head against his rumbling chest she said. “Get me the hell out of here.”

Nodding as he set out into the night, Kato said. “With pleasure, my Lady.”