I look to heaven because I see her there. I look to the stars because I know she does too. In all the world and all the sky, I look up, because I know she sees the same things I do.

~~ These things that I see.

Chapter Forty : A woman worth waiting for.

Taking the lead, Kato started off slow. Exploring Lady’s body, he found where to touch and where to hold, what brought forth soft whimpers and excited mewls of delight.

Recognizing the sexual exploration techniques that were the first thing that were taught to all companion class chimeras, Lady started showing Kato some of her favorite places to be touched. “I see someone has taken the time to teach you how the game is played.” She said as he started caressing her tail with both hands.

Lifting Lady into the air so that she was forced to stand half naked in front of him if she wanted him to continue Kato said. “I learned enough, mostly so that when the time finally came, I wouldn’t be one to disappoint.”

Despite how good Kato was making her feel, Lady couldn’t help but feel just a little bit disappointed at not being the first woman he had ever made love too, but when it came to discovering the way that each individual lover responded to the same stimulus, there was a joy all its own.

Now, what better way to begin,” Said Kato, kissing her neck softly. “Then to start off at the top, and work my way down?”

Nodding in agreement Lady luxuriated in the feel of having Kato’s hands on her body, the way he caressed both of her breasts, teasing each of them with gentle flicks of his tongue, before taking one of them into his mouth. Lady gasped as Kato bit down just hard enough to make her cry out, before easing the pain she felt with a soft kiss.

His hands moving down to her waist, Kato pulled her skirt free and smiled. No panties. That makes things so much easier. Lying down on the floor, Kato pulled Lady along with him, so that when she ended up on top of him, he was able to bury his face in the warmth of her wet sex.

So that’s his game. Thought Lady as she used her fingers to spread herself oh so slightly. Well, it does take two to play. Holding herself so that she was just above his open mouth, Lady hoped to give him the room he needed to work with, but not enough to let him have everything his own way.

Drinking in Lady’s scent while she teased herself Kato watched in rapt fascination. It was such an intoxicating combination. Like the finest of wines it filled all of his senses with a nameless warmth that fired his blood and left him wanting more. And he hadn’t even tried tasting her yet.

Lady,” Kato asked her as he prepared himself for what he was about to do. “Is it wrong to want you as much as I do?”

No, because I feel it too.” Using her fingers to show him exactly where to start she said. “Now put that tongue of yours to good use,” Closing her eyes she pushed herself forwards and said. “Stop talking and start licking.”

Needing no further encouragement, Kato reached up to hold her steady, and pressing his entire tongue deep inside her body, began to caress her from both inside and out.

It was rapture pure and simple. To feel the need that she had felt for so long slowly being satisfied. To know the pleasure she had just begun to experience was only the beginning of things to come . . . letting a low moan escape from her lips as Kato started to seek out the secret places inside her, Lady rewarded him with a brief shiver of pleasure every time that he teased her already sensitive clit with a gentle flick of his tongue.

Pausing for a moment to catch his breath, Kato stared up at the soft curves and smooth valleys of Lady’s body, drinking in the sight of them before burying his face in her greedy cunt once more. She was beautiful to him. Every night he had gone to sleep dreaming of pulling her in close, of wrapping his arms around her and claiming her as his own, only to awaken lost and alone. And now that he was finally able to turn his dreams into reality, he felt his tongue begin to tingle with a growing warmth that was only getting more intense with each and every passing second. Lady, He wanted to say, What have you done to me? And then he knew, that the only way to be free of the spell she had cast upon him was to satisfy her, because only the taste of her had been enough to quench the fire.

The moment his strokes become rougher, more insistent, Lady knew that he had figured it out. Her hips joining in on the action, she started showing him how she wanted it done.

What a good kitty you are.” Said Lady as he found the rhythm that brought her the most pleasure. “You just keep going, until I tell you to stop, okay?” Looking over her shoulder, at the massive erection that was even now straining to break free of his pants, Lady could hardly wait to see the rest of what he was capable of. Just think of how good that’s going to feel and, oh god I’m going to cum any second now.

Sensing a change beginning to take hold within her, Kato slowed his pace, waiting until her breath came in even pulls before starting up again. Purring low in his throat each time he did so the combination of sound and vibration was quickly becoming something more then she could handle. “Kato.” Fighting to force the words out between breaths, Lady said. “I need you to stop, or I’m going to—”

Kato’s only reply was to say something that was completely unintelligible.

Forced to pry his face away from her crotch before she could ask him. “What was that?” Lady’s ears twitched as she looked down at him.

Keeping his reply brief, Kato said. “I said I want you to.” And returned to ministering to her building climax.

Watching Lady arc her back as he resumed, Kato increased his pace. She was close now, the taste of her was growing in its intensity, becoming sharper with her need.

Kato . . . please.” Lady began begging him without words; her body pleading with him for the sweet release that only he could give. “Please . . .”

Seeking to grant her every desire Kato’s purr became a low growl. The added vibrations pushing her over the edge, Lady was forced to grab onto the edge of the couch, just so she could have something to hold on to.

Feeling her orgasm building inside her until the immensity of it all became too much for her body to handle, Lady cried out in ecstasy as she felt a warm wetness begin to flow out from between her legs.

Gasping for breath as her sudden release began filling Kato’s mouth with her body’s own natural essence, Lady started stammering out an ‘oh god, Kato I’m sorry!’ and an ‘I tried to warn you.’ all rolled into one.

Helping to hold her steady, Kato couldn’t have cared less. Forcing himself to swallow as much of the delicious liquid as he possibly could, he began doing everything that he could think of to encourage more of it to come forth.

Seeing the way that he was savoring the taste of her deliciously wet pussy, Lady spread her legs even further. Giving him even more room to work with, Lady moaned in delight as Kato began using the roughest part of his tongue to seek out and enjoy every last drop.

Biting her lower lip to keep from crying out again as a second stronger wave of pleasure coursed throughout her body, Lady found that Kato’s attentions were only serving to slake her thirst, not sate it. And that in their own way, his actions were only serving to reveal a much deeper desire. The need to join with him completely, and experience all that he had to offer.

Signaling that he needed to breath by rubbing her back, Kato Lady struggled to stand on unsteady legs. In fact it seemed to take all of her concentration simply to pull herself away from his open mouth and lie down next to him.

Wow.” Said Kato as he licked his lips clean. “Lady, you’re a rainmaker. That was wow. Just. Wow.” Wondering how long it would be before she could do it again, if she could do it again, or if the first time had just been a random fluke, he asked her. “Does that always happen when you . . . orgasm?”

Mmm, Rubbing her breasts together as she bathed in the afterglow, Lady whispered into his ear. “You liked it did you?”

Propping himself up on his elbow, Kato nodded and said. “I know that you did.”

The smug smile on Kato’s face as he sought to catch his breath only serving to arouse her further, Lady thought to herself. Hmm, I really should thank the woman who took the time to train him so well. After all, there aren’t many men out there who can even keep up with me, let alone satisfy me the way he just did. “You know.” Said Lady, running her fingers across Kato’s chest playfully as she traced the path of his stripes. “That was very naughty of you.” Pulling down his pants she exposed his swollen member. “Making someone like me beg like that.”

Any naughtier then putting an artificial aphrodisiac in my food?” No longer needing his pants, Kato tossed them aside and said to her. “Darjra is on the proscribed substances list for a reason you know. Supposedly it gives men limitless, stamina.”

Can you blame me?” Stroking him once, twice, She held her legs open so that when he was ready, he could position himself to press inside her. “I wanted to train you too. Its not very fair to me if I let some other woman have all the fun of teaching you how its done.”

Some fun,” Said Kato. “My mouth felt like it was on fire, my cock feels like its going to explode if I don’t get relief soon, and to top it all off I’m going to have an erection that lasts for hours.”

Hours you say . . . well then,” Inviting him to join in at any time, Lady started stroking herself. She was showing him that if he didn’t hurry up and mount her soon, that she was going to end up having all of the fun without him. “Why don’t you put it to good use, and start by repaying the favor?”

Kato nodded. Eager to prove himself to be a capable lover, tasting Lady had merely been the beginning of what he had planned for her. But as a prelude of things to come, he knew that what came next would be the true test of his abilities.

His tail swaying back and forth as he circled her the same a great cat would, Kato purred as he stalked his prize. Pushing her hands back with his face he slowly began to cover her body with his own. Mine . . . Whispered his other half. All of this, all mine.

The moment Kato’s shadow fell over top of her Lady began trembling as a nameless fear took hold of her soul. Pushing him away from her she said. “Don’t touch me you bastard!”

Almost as if she weren’t even looking at Kato anymore, but simply looking through him, Lady said. “Don’t you dare touch me.”

Lady?” Kato reached out and shook her. “Lady! Its alright, its only me. It’s Kato.”

Kato?” Tears began rolling down Lady’s face as she shied away from him. “Kato I . . . I don’t know what just happened.” Shaking her head to try and rid herself of the nightmare, she said. “For a moment there, you just looked so much like Johnathan that I . . .”

Started having a flashback.” Shrinking in upon himself, Kato said. “I was afraid that it might happen. But you seemed to be fine when you were the one on top that I thought . . . I’m sorry Lady, I should have said something before we started.”

No, you aren’t allowed to blame yourself. Not for this! Lost amidst the pain of her own memories, Lady found that she couldn’t even bring herself to reach out and comfort him. It’s not fair, it isn’t. Though time had dulled the pain, allowing her to forget the worst of what had been done to her, now that the scars were once again fresh in her mind . . . I’ve wanted to lie with him for so long, and now that I find that I can’t.

Giving voice to her unspoken desires Kato said. “Then let me take them away.”

Looking at him as if he had just offered her the impossible, Lady said. “What?”

Wherever he touched you, wherever you feel like he violated you,” Kato reached out to wipe away her tears. “Let me take away that pain, and replace it with something better.”

Instead of shying away from his touch Lady leaned into it and asked. “Can you really do something like that?” She was afraid to hope. Afraid to try.

Of course I can.” Looking into her doe brown eyes as he offered her all the safety and security of his arms he said to her. “Because I love you.”

Kato. Letting the tears flow freely down her face Lady buried her face in the soft fur of his chest. I love you too.

Just let it go,” Said Kato, stroking her back. “And when you’re all done . . .” He began singing his mother’s lullaby. I’ll show you what love really feels like.

Listening to the song as his quiet strength surrounded her, Lady felt herself beginning to relax. Closing her eyes as the subtle vibrations passed through her like a wave, she let the image of Kato’s supple feline form fill her mind.

Chasing away the shadows that surrounded her, driving back the darkness that sought to claim her, before returning to stand by her side. As a silent protector, it helped remind her that she was safe in her apartment, safe in his arms, safe with him.

Finishing the song, Kato lifted her lips to his, and kissed her with a passion that made the world stand still.

Her eyes flaring wide, Lady looked up at him from the flat of her back. Kato’s kiss was as intense a sensation as any she had ever experienced, and with his fingers sliding across her naked body, his touch altogether different from the things Johnathan had done, he began to reach between her legs. Pressing his fingers into the warmth of her wet sex, Kato sought to take her breath away, only to stop once he realized what he had done.

Encouraging Kato to continue without the need for words, Lady began stroking the base of his tail, eliciting a throaty purr from him in the process.

Losing herself in the moment, feeling half of her body being lifted of the floor as she felt him offer her everything he had and ask nothing of her in return, Lady could feel her body beginning to respond in every possible way as her heart began beating faster and faster.

With the power of his kiss alone, Kato was quickly wiping away all traces of the things that Johnathan had done to her from both her body and her mind. And with his touch . . .

On and on it went, continuing until there was nothing left, until there was no room in her heart for anything but his love for her

Breaking the kiss with an almost agonizing slowness, Kato asked her. “Think your ready to try again?”

Breathless and unable to speak Lady nodded that she was.

Good.” Kato nuzzled her throat affectionately. “Because now,” He was half-purring as he said it. “Its time for the lady to ride the tiger.”

Watching as Kato lay down on his back, Lady couldn’t help but smile, as together the two of them sought to erase the pain that lingered on in each others heart’s through the joining of their two bodies.