Love, now there is something worth living for.

Chapter Forty Three : The mark of a king.

Yawning as he stretched out on the bed, Kato started kneading at the air in an attempt to make himself comfortable once more. Somewhere in the midst of all the sweet confusion, they had managed to make their way to Lady’s bedroom. Yet, no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t remember exactly when or how it had actually happened.

Next to him, Lady was lying on her side, the sheets wrapped tightly around her body. In spite of his numerous attempts at stealing some of them back she had refused to surrender even a single one. Eventually he had simply given up on trying to claim a sheet as his own and had instead contented himself with basking in the warmth of her body.

And what a wonderful body she possessed. From the supple curves that he had caressed, to the voluptuous breasts that were even now a source of temptation, to the mound of soft white fur with a taste that made him shiver. All this he admired before teasing her awake with his fingers.

Again? Already? Kato, it hasn’t even been a couple of hours.” Only pretending to feign sleep she had secretly been admiring him as well. “Not that I’m still not wet from that tail thing you did.” Catching the offending appendage, Lady flicked his nose with it and said. “Using both of them at once, wherever did you learn how to do such a thing?”

I read about it, in a book.” Changing the subject he said. “Lady. I want to make love to you for real this time.”

Oh?” Propping herself up on her elbow she asked him. “And just what do you call what it was that we were doing before?”

Pulling her in close he said. “That was just a practice run.” Using his fingers to tease and excite her he whispered. “Now, let me show you how the real thing is done.”

Leaning back as she let it happen, Lady dug her fingers into the ruff around his neck and pulled him into a kiss.

Wrapping her legs around him while he purred, Lady felt a moment of hesitation. There had always been an edge of wariness, a feeling of holding something back whenever she had sex with someone. Making love to Kato a second time, she felt herself surrendering to the sensation, surrendering to the need to be loved.

And that was when she found what had always been missing. Trust. It was something she had never given to someone before. But because Lady knew she was safe with him, safe in his arms, she found he was capable of showing her a world she had never seen before.

Calling out his name even as he called out her own, she could feel him moving across her body like a wave. He was inside her, a part of her. Twining himself around her their bodies constantly moving in tandem, she started to forget where she ended and he began.

It was growing inside her, the endless sea of emotions that filled her whenever she felt his touch. And then, and then, and then . . . just when she thought she couldn’t drift any higher, she felt the warmth of him spilling his seed inside her.

Closing her eyes as Kato roared Lady began to pray that a child would be born from their love. That they would know all the joys that they themselves felt now. And when he finally withdrew she felt the ache of a pain so sudden and swift she wondered if she had just lost a part of herself as well.

But when she opened her eyes he was still there. He was still offering her the warmth and comfort of his love. Content just to be held by him, Lady knew the safety and security she felt was real, because the memory of that moment would always be a part of her.

As for Kato, he had offered everything he had to her and asked for nothing in return. That he had already given himself to her, heart, body and soul meant little. No other would ever compare in his eyes, no other would ever come as close to his heart. She was his goddess, and he would worship her until the end of his days if she asked him to.

But there was still one thing left to do.

His instincts rising to the surface as he looked upon the one he wanted as his mate, a part of him understood that having satisfied the needs of her body, that he had sought to satisfy the needs of her heart and mind as well.

Now, breathing heavily, his reserves all but spent, it was with a self-satisfied smile on his face that he announced his triumph to the world.

Such a good kitty,” Said Lady as she drew him down beside her. “You rest for as long as you need to, and when your finally ready again,” Running her hand along his neck, across his chest, and down his body, she teased him and said. “That’s when the bunny girl gets to come out and play.”

Letting out a low moan as the thought of trying to make love to Lady again in his current condition served to all but exhaust him, Kato rested his head between her breasts and said. “Woman, are you truly that insatiable?”

Maybe I am,” Running her fingers through his soft silver hair, she began scratching him behing the ears. “Or maybe,” Lady lay back as she listened to him purr. “Maybe your just not trying hard enough.” Loving the way it made him seem like an overgrown kitten, Lady knew the truth was that He had more then satisfied her. But she could never let him know that. Because if she did, then he might not be willing to try as hard the next time, and then where would she be?

Harder next time? The thought echoed through his mind. She wants me to try harder next time? Spurred on by the desire to satisfy her he struggled to rise, only to collapse when his arms became unable to support him. “No, I can’t go on. Lady, you’ll have to forgive me but just the thought of trying to do this night after night is enough to make me tired.”

That surprised her. Night after night? What about leaving SynCity behind, what about his life of crime? “And just what makes you think I’d be willing to sleep with you again hmm? Your certainly a good lay Kato, I’ll give you that much. But I can’t afford to have a man in my life who doesn’t know how to take care of a woman. If you want to stay, then I’m going to need more from you then just great sex.”

Kato could tell by the look in her eyes that she was toying with him. Seeking to respond in kind Kato said. “I can get an honest job. Besides, I’m pretty good with my hands, and I can fix just about anything. I swear, I’d make the perfect mate.”

Never having expected him to propose in such a way, the suddenness of it surprised her, surprised both of them. “Kato, did you really mean that just now, or was it just something to say?”

Kato didn’t even have to think twice. He just said. “Of course I did, because I love you.”

Kato.” Listening to the heartbeat of her fearsome feline warrior she was afraid to hope, afraid to believe. “You really mean it, don’t you?”

How could I not?” Drawing Lady deeper into his embrace, He found that after that first time it had just become easier to say. “I love everything about you. From the way that you move to the way that you look. I’ve wanted to be with you from the moment we first met.” And despite the way he felt, Kato knew there weren’t words to express what he wanted to say. “I even love the way your tail starts to twitch while we’re having sex.”

There was a wry smile on her face when she said. “Noticed that did you.”

It was kind of hard not to.” Whispering into her ear he said. “I mean, you were using my tail too—”

Before Kato could say another word, Lady silenced him with a kiss. “Yes.”

Yes?” Kato could hardly believe it. “Yes!” A deep rumble starting off low in his chest he let out a roar that let her know how happy she had made him.

Waiting until the sound had finally died down, Lady asked him. “But what about leaving SynCity behind? You had a plan didn’t you?”

Plans can and do change you know.” Said Kato as he kissed her neck. “And besides, I want to spend forever with you. Does it matter if its here in SynCity or somewhere in the wide open world? What matters to me is being with you. Because as long as I am, that is heaven to me.”

Hating to be the one to bring him back to reality, Lady said. “Kato, I’m sixteen, and your, well, I’m not sure know how old you are. But we’d be lucky to have fifteen years together, let alone forever.”

Fifteen years can be forever, if I spend every moment of it with you.” Purring softly as he sought to silence her fears and doubts, Kato said. “I don’t want to think about tomorrow, or some far off day. I want what’s real, what’s right in front of me. The happiness that I feel just by being near you.” Rolling Lady over onto her stomach he began to trace a line down her back. “Say that you love me.”

Shivering as his touch held the promise of becoming something infinitely more intimate, Lady said. “I love you.”

Covering her body with his, Kato whispered into her ear. “Say that you need me.”

Playing along with his game, Lady looked up at him and said. “I need you.”

Losing himself in her eyes, Kato nipped her neck gently. “Say that you want me.”

I want . . . no,” Holding herself steady as she felt him begin to press something long and hard between her legs, Lady said. “I want my mate inside me.”

Oh look,” Kato purred as he pulled her into position. “I’m ready for you again.”

I’m sorry Cherry, but can you cover my shift tomorrow? It seems a stray cat decided to wander into my apartment and,” Covering the mouth of the receiver with her hand, Lady said. “Kato, stop that. I’m on the phone and that’s very, distracting. What was that Cherry? I’m sorry about that, he seems to think that its cute when he . . . oh god it feels so good.” Silence seemed to reign supreme as Lady just listened. “What? No he’s not, well, in a way he is . . . but Cherry its not what you think it is. And besides, I know its not a good idea to bring customers home with me, but Kato was an old friend of mine and . . . you will? Oh thank you, I’ll make it up to you I swear.” Hanging up the phone Lady just looked at Kato and said. “And as for you you naughty cat. That wasn’t very nice, I mean, you could have at least waited until I got off the phone.”

I could have, but then it wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun.” Purring as he finished rubbing her feet, Kato moved on to her back. “So what do you want us to do next? Keep in mind, we now have an entire day to ourselves.”

Eat, sleep, shower. And not necessarily in that order.”

What? No more sex?”

I think that with all the time we have,” Lady’s tail started twitching as Kato finished the first half of her full body massage. “We can find the time to do that too.”