Paragraph thirteen of the SynCity unifying charter, subsection thirty-six states: That all citizens hoping to travel between sectors are first required to register their bio-metric data with the department of Internal Affairs. Any failure to do so, will result in the suspension of all rights as a citizen, followed immediately by incarceration and arrest.

Chapter Two : In the land where the white tiger roams.

His armor absorbing almost all of the impact, Harrison staggered briefly as the weight of a chimera smashing into him from behind brought him crashing to the ground.

Sara!” Said Hien Ko as she just stood there staring. “What are you waiting for!”

You little son of a bitch.” Swearing as he sought to push him away, Harrison started to howl in pain as he felt dozens of needle sharp teeth sink into his unprotected hand.

Taking his screams as her cue to leave, Sara broke free from his grip and made a break for safety. Once Sara was safely away, Hien-Ko followed after.

You little bitch,” Harrison laughed as he struggled to get up. “From the very beginning you were trying to set me up. You and your little friend there.”

Seething with rage and barely restrained fury, Hien Ko said softly. “If you even think of touching her like that again, I’ll kill you where you stand.”

Harrison stopped short as his mind sought to make sense of what he had just heard.

From the mouth of any grown man, those same words would have been enough to give anyone pause, but coming from the mouth of a five year old, they were almost ludicrous.

A five year old chimera. Said the part of his mind that was still operating rationally. And five years is a long time when you add in age acceleration treatments.

Ignoring the voice of reason Harrison drew his sick-stick and activated it. “Looks like its two for the price of one, tonight must be my lucky night.”

Giving Hien Ko an all too brief hug before moving out of his way, Sara said softly. “Try not to hurt him . . . too much. Okay?”

Nodding as he stepped forwards, Hein Ko took up a fighting stance and said. “My name is Hien Ko, son of Shinji, and disciple of the Yamato Dojo. And now that the formalities have been observed, I’m going to enjoy kicking your ass.”

You?” Harrison’s reply was positively dripping barely concealed contempt. “I’d like to see you try.”

A feral grin lighting up his face, Hien Ko’s smile was all teeth. Having spent the entirety of his short life growing up in the Sector Seven slums, he had been forced to learn how to defend himself against anything and anyone, and despite his relative lack of size, He had already learned the hard way that the quickest way to win was to fight dirty. Fortunately, carrying a concealed arsenal of anti-adult weaponry inside his coat meant that he always had something hidden up his sleeve to help him win in a fight. Tonight, it just happened to be a pair of specially modified tonfa.

Ducking a blow from Harrison’s sick stick, Hien Ko stepped into the older man’s guard and gave him a gentle tap. It was enough to send the bigger man into a rage. Attempting to bludgeon Hien Ko, Harrison started swinging at him like a man possessed.

And despite the fact that all it took was a slight touch to make a grown man physically ill, Hien Ko wasn’t about to let Harrison even graze him with it.

Parrying each strike with the minimum amount of effort, he began dancing in and out of Harrison’s reach. Wearing the older man down with a constant barrage of near feather light strikes, without actually inflicting any lasting damage, he had already gotten him to a point where he could inflict a finishing blow. “What’s the matter, getting tired, or does this mean the big bad police officer keep up with a weak little chimera like me?”

You little bastard.” Said Harrison, leaving his side wide open as he swung his sick stick with more force then necessary. “Hold still so I can kill you.”

But you move so slow.” Taking the opportunity to school his opponent in the ways of street combat, Hien Ko struck a solid blow to the older man’s midsection, forcing him to favor his right side. “You may as well be standing still.”

Choking on an inarticulate cry of rage, Harrison couldn’t stand it. He was being beaten, no, humiliated. By a child no less. “Kid, when I get my hands on you.” Breathing heavily he no longer cared what happened. All that mattered was that he got his revenge.

Too bad for you, its already over.” Touching the tip of his tonfa to Harrison’s forehead Hein-Ko squeezed the grip. Activating the stun feature, he released forty-thousand volts of electricity directly into his opponents face.

Harrison began screaming in pain as the visual control circuits in his helmet went out of control, temporarily blinding him. “You little fucking son of a bitch!” He tore his helmet off, revealing the face of one pissed off police officer. “I’m going to tear you apart!”

Ignoring the older man’s threats Hein Ko pulled a gun out of his pocket and said. “Why is it that adults are always so predictable? I mean, as long as you take away their composure, they’ll almost always reveal how weak they really are.”

Little boy,” Said Harrison as he started to reach for his own firearm. “Let me tell you something you should never forget.” Drawing his own gun from its holster he aimed it at Hien Ko’s head. “Never point a gun at someone, unless you intend to use it.” Pulling the trigger, he was surprised when nothing happened. Trying it again and again, each time it ended the same way. “What the hell?”

I think he’s looking for this.” Pointing to the gun that he held, Hien Ko struggled not to laugh. “You know, you really should learn to pay more attention. Relying on technology to protect you will only get you so far.”

Staring at the gun that he held, Harrison’s eyes were slowly drawn to where the words, ‘Made in Taiwan’ stood out in bold red lettering. “How did you . . . when did you . . .” His jaw dropped as he put two and two together. “You little thief. You switched them while we were fighting!”

Like the lady told you.” Tossing one of his tonfa to Sara, Hien Ko said. “You shouldn’t have underestimated us just because we’re kids.”

Desperate to try and run, Harrison didn’t make it more then a few steps before he felt an electric shock bringing him to his knees. Suddenly finding himself staring into a face with eyes the color of pale gold, he knew then that simply selling her into slavery would have been a kindness compared to what she had in store for him.

I think that it’s time for you to,” Sara hissed into Harrison’s ear as she waved the tonfa in his face. “Pay the price for your crimes, don’t you?”

Picking up Harrison’s discarded helmet, Hien Ko held it in his hands and sighed. It had started out as a simple enough case of cause and effect. Give the cops bigger guns, and the criminals would compensate by giving themselves bigger guns as well. That had been the case, until the Companies had decided to intervene.

Looking to turn those who enforced the laws into a far more effective and efficient crime fighting force, the Companies had invested a considerable amount of time and energy into developing what they had believed was the technology needed to police an ever expanding population of cybernetically augmented citizens, genetically enhanced chimeras, and those who decided to become an amalgam of both. And it had worked, to a point at least.

With enough time and training, the police officers of SynCity were able to do more with the manpower they had then any other nation on Earth. There was only one downside to it all that people would never be able overcome no matter how hard they tried. Because all of that equipment, was valuable. And while a low level cop like Harrison would never be trusted with anything top of the line, the things he had been trusted with, were worth their weight in gold.

Picking through Harrison’s pockets, removing anything that might be of value, Sara had already stripped him of his armor, and had begun relieving him of his personal effects. A loaded cred card, a wallet that was full of cash, adding them to the growing pile, she had the distinct satisfaction of knowing that word would soon begin to spread throughout the underworld. The humiliation of being beaten by a kid, of having his ass handed to him by a chimera, all of it would follow him for the rest of his days. Whatever it was that he had intended to do, everything that happened to him now would be infinitely worse. And in its own way, justice would be served. Of course there was still the matter of his punishment.

Grabbing him by the legs, Sara started dragging the unconscious cop towards the mouth of a dark alley. “Well,” She said as Hien Ko just stared at her. “What are you waiting for, get over here and help me with this.”

Hein Ko just smiled as he realized exactly what Sara had in mind.

Fighting his way back to consciousness veteran police officer Eugene Harrison was quick to realize two very important things. One, that he had been left hanging upside down from an automated fire escape. And two, that his own handcuffs attached to his ankles were the only thing keeping him suspended three feet in the air. It was not in his humble opinion, an altogether pleasant thing to wake up to.

Praying that no one would see him as he began fishing around in his pocket for the keys, he thanked whatever gods were listening as his hand closed around it. And was just about to reach up and untie himself, when he heard a familiar feline voice begin to call out from the rooftops.

Let this be a lesson to you, to you and all the other crooked cops!”

Harrison started screaming obscenities as a stream of urine hit him square in the face.

Sector Seven belongs to us!”

Carrying their stash of stolen equipment hidden inside his backpack Hien Ko just looked at Sara and said. “But what if he’s not here?”

Then we’ll go to one of his other apartments.” Knocking three times before ringing the doorbell, she said. “Now be quiet and hide, I think I hear someone coming.”

Watching as the doorknob slowly began to turn, Sara felt her heart suddenly skip a beat. The chimera who had opened the door was a well muscled white tiger dressed in a pair of loose fitting black pants. Everywhere on his body, except for a broad expanse of his chest and back was covered with dozens of thin black stripes and criss crossing scars.

Eh?” Letting out a yawn as he looked around, the braided silver hair that fell down his back like a second tail swayed softly as he thought to himself. That was today’s code, but there’s nobody here. “What the hell?”

I’m down here.” Said Hein Ko, waving to help make himself seen.

Oh!” Looking down at the boy who barely reached his waist, King said. “Hien Ko, what are you doing here? And where’s Sara, she’s supposed to be looking after you.”

Pointing to the stairwell connected to the emergency exit, He said. “She’s trying to hide over there.” Lowering his voice he whispered as if imparting a great secret. “She doesn’t want to come out, cause she has a crush on you.”

Oh she does, does she?” Leaning against the door jamb, His tail swaying back and forth lazily King added. “In that case, you’d better come inside, and tell me all about it.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Hien Ko stepped inside and said. “Okay.”

Emerging from her hiding place, Sara shouted. “Hien Ko. You traitor!” Blushing through her fur she refused to meet his gaze. “Well.” Tapping her foot impatiently, she said. “Aren’t you going to invite me in as well?”