Due to the sheer size and complexity of SynCity, and the challenges that we will face in meeting the daily needs of such an immense population, it would seem a far more prudent course of action to divide our fair city into self-governing sectors, then attempt to simply maintain it all.

With carefully elected officials set to watch over these newly created sectors, these, cities within a city, will be better able to meet the unique and individual needs of their members; allow residents to take a sense of pride and purpose in maintaining their communities, and best of all, allow our fine men and women working in law enforcement to maintain peace amongst the populace.

Chapter Four : Once more into the underworld.

Deep in the heart of sector seven’s red light district, nestled between an adult bookstore, and a brothel that was disguised as an all night sushi bar, was a little out of the way place that catered to chimeras with more cultured tastes.

Angela’s Place was a bar where all of your troubles vanished in a half-remembered haze of wine, women, and song.

Letting himself in despite the fact the sign hanging on the front door had clearly indicated that they were closed, King let out an appreciative whistle when he saw what was waiting for him.

Dressed in a low cut miniskirt with a white shirt and a black tie, was a woman standing with her back to the wall polishing a small pile of shot glasses. With her caramel colored fur and long flowing tresses striking the perfect counterpoint to her less somber ensemble, Angela was more woman then most men could handle. And when her strong personality was combined with the consumption of large quantities of alcohol and the proper lighting, the effect was simply stunning.

Can’t you read a sign?” She said without bothering to look up. “It says we’re closed. So if the only reason your here is because your looking for booze, you can come back just as easily tomorrow.”

Really?” Said King, locking the door behind him. “But your always open this late.”

Oh!” Angela almost dropped the glass she had been polishing. “King, it’s you.” Leaving out two but putting the others away she said. “In that case . . . why don’t you help yourself to a seat, while I go and get us something to drink.”

Sounds good to me,” Taking the seat farthest from the door, He said. “In fact, why don’t we make it the lady’s choice. Tonight, bring me anything you think is good.”

My choice eh?” Pulling a key out of her pocket, Angela opened the door to the storage room and said. “Then I’ve got just the thing. So you just wait there, and I’ll be right back.”

Despite having some of the biggest names in the industry on display, all the alcohol kept on the walls was simply for show. The real stuff was kept in the back.

Is it only you tonight?” Said King, watching Angela’s tail sway seductively through the open door way. For a kangaroo chimera, she was at least as exotic looking as himself.

Uh huh.” She said back. “I’ve sent all the other girls home already. Its been a slow night, and I felt that they deserved a break. Besides, I like it when its quiet like this. Just me and the customer. It feels more, personal, you know?”

But a hostess club without any hostesses, seems a shame to even call it that.”

Closing the door to the back, Angela laughed. “And I’ll just bet the only reason your even saying that is because you’ve always enjoyed surrounding yourself with beautiful women.” Returning with a small selection of various liqueurs, she took the seat next to his. “So, tell me,” Pouring one for King and one for herself she raised her own glass in a toast. “What is it that brings the great and invincible King out here in the middle of the night?”

Oh, nothing in particular.” King took a single sip, letting the warmth from it settle in his stomach before saying. “I was just out making my rounds, and before I head off to work, I decided to come and see if there was anything you might need.”

Really? And here I was beginning to think you’d come looking for this.” Placing a plain white envelope on the bar between them, she pushed it towards him. “It is that time of the month you know.”

Angela.” Pushing the envelope back towards her, King said. “You know I won’t accept something like this. What would people think of me if I started asking them for protection money?”

Keep it. The way I see it. None of this would have even existed if it weren’t for you.”

Staring into his empty shot glass, he said. “What? You mean funding the development of an entire red light district?” Not entirely sure whether he was supposed to accept Angela’s statement as a compliment or an insult, King simply said. “Hmm, I really did do a service to the community with that one didn’t I?”

You did indeed.” Scratching him behind the ears, Angela had always enjoyed the way it made him purr. “In fact, I can still remember it like it was yesterday.”

Well,” Said King as he let his guard down, her touch turning him weak as a little kitten. “You are old enough to remember what this place used to look like.”

And if you plan to keep on drinking my booze for free,” Said Angela as she refilled his glass. “Then you won’t interrupt me again.” Taking a moment to enjoy the look of shock on his striped face, Angela picked up from where she had left off. “This entire sector was just like every other slum. A breeding ground for gangs, go nowhere chimeras, and people who had just plain lost their way. Even the cops didn’t dare step foot here.” Angela smiled as King’s tail started wrapping itself around hers. As the chimera equivalent of putting his arm around her shoulder’s, she doubted he even knew he had done it. “And then you just, showed up out of nowhere. Full of passion and fire, you showed us that our lives could be different, that if we only tried, we could make things better.” Sighing as she stared at him in the mirror above the bar, Angela dreamed of days gone by. Just being near King was a wonderful thing. His scent, reminiscent of vanilla and musk, gave him such a strong and commanding presence that simply breathing it in could be intoxicating. “Its kind of ironic if you stop and think about it. This sector used to be nothing more then a dumping ground for everyone else’s garbage. Now its the most sought after place for Chimeras to live and raise a family.” Having dropped a not so subtle hint into the flow of conversation, Angela sipped her own drink and waited to see what his reaction would be.

Yeah, ironic.” Caught up in the spirit of thinking about the past, King just stared into the bottom of his glass. I was just a punk with nothing left to lose, a criminal offender on the run for committing murder, and besides . . . “All I ever did was show others the way, it was everyone else who did all the real work.”

Seems to me your as modest as ever. But I think we both know the truth.” Angela leaned in close enough to whisper. “The great and terrible King, bane of the Companies existence, and scourge of the Five Families is nothing more than a common everyday philanthropist.”

Oh please,” Rolling his eyes, King scoffed at the idea. “The notion is laughable. For one thing, I have never claimed to be motivated by altruism. I simply cannot stand the thought of standing around and doing nothing while those around me continue to suffer.”

Call it whatever you like,” Said Angela with a shrug. “But it sounds like philanthropy to me.” Smiling as King made it a point to pick up the envelope and put it into his pocket she poured him a second stronger drink and said. “Now tell me, why is it a man as desirable as you are hasn’t settled down and had children yet?”

For the briefest of moments, King could have sworn that he’d detected a spark of interest in her eyes, along with a touch of longing in her voice.

Your young, handsome,” Laying her hand across his she said. “Eligible.”

Lifting his glass to his lips, King said. “You know as well as I do what its like to live a hectic lifestyle. Always looking over your shoulder. Always wondering what’s waiting for you just around the corner.” King sighed as he thought about what would happen if it was ever discovered that he had already sired children. “Never knowing what tomorrow will bring. That’s no world to bring a child into.”

As one of the trusted few who actually knew what it was that he did for a living, Angela simply said. “You shouldn’t let a little something like life stop you from living it. Besides, you still have plenty of time to find the right woman.”

Time. It feels like an eternity has passed, and still my thoughts turn to her. “And,” Said King. “How exactly will I know her when I find her?”

Who knows?” Said Angela with a shrug. “You might meet her on the street, on a train, she might even be sitting across from you right now.” Looking at the single strand of red thread that was wrapped tightly around his wrist she touched it and said. “She must have meant a great deal to you, for you to never take this off.”

Oh, this?” Said King evasively. “Its nothing special. I suppose you could even say, that its a reminder of the promise I made. To someone I loved a lifetime ago.”

God, your such a lousy liar, you know that?” Slamming her empty glass against the bar, Angela grabbed him by the wrist. “Don’t you think that maybe, just maybe, a love like this is more important then everything else?”

Yes.” Said King softly. Lost in a world all his own, the smile that graced his face was a cold and calculated thing. “And for that reason alone I will do everything within my power to ensure that I am not the only one in this world fortunate enough to experience it.” Close enough to kiss, close enough to kill, the next words that King spoke were born from the darkness deep within his heart. “But know this. However brief it may have been, however long ago it might have taken place, her love is the only light I have left to sustain me. And to me, it is something worth protecting, no matter the price.”

Even knowing the burden that he beared, Angela couldn’t help but feel a little jealous as she listened to the wealth of emotions in his voice. “Listen, It’s not like I’m asking to take anyone’s place, but maybe . . . maybe I could keep you company for a little while, and in exchange . . .” Hopeful, fearful, wanting to run, Angela felt lost even as she thought. Why is it always like this? Why is it whenever I’m around him, my heart begins to beat so hard I can’t even think straight? I know the risks, I know the danger, but still . . . why is it that I can never act on my true feelings?

Detecting the subtle change in the scent surrounding her body, King said. “You’re in heat right now, aren’t you?” Suddenly feeling like a fool, King said. “That’s why you decided to close early for the night. That’s why you . . . I’m sorry Angela. If I’d known—”

Then you would’ve stayed away. And I might have lost control and done something that I might regret.” Refusing to deny her own desires any longer, Angela polished off the last of the bottle in one shot and said. “There isn’t a single one of us that picks the time we go into heat. But when it happens with someone you don’t love, someone you don’t even care about,” Reaching out to touch King’s face, she said. “It can end up being a terrible thing.”

Caught between his oath and his honor, King knew he was being manipulated. “Angela, as your friend, you know that I would do anything for you . . .”

And?” Working her hands across his shoulders she felt the stirrings of a deeper longing begin to take hold. “What if I asked you to bend me over the bar and have your way with me? Would you really do that?” Angela felt herself begin to blush as the words just sort of, slipped out. Too late to take them back she added. “Because if you did, then we would just be two consenting adults, having a little bit of fun.”

Ignoring the side of himself that was ruled by reason and letting the side of himself ruled by instinct rise to the fore, His words cut to the heart of the matter. “Do you really want to have a child that badly?”

We all do,” Sensing the change in him, Angela knew her scent had awakened the side of him she most desired. “The need to procreate is bred into us.” Now all he needs is one last push and . . . Wrapping her arms around him, Angela closed her eyes and slowly drew him into a kiss. Being the head of the entire Yamato Family, King had always been a dangerous man to know. But that only made being around him all the more exciting, especially when it came to having sex.

Even with the power, the position, and the wealth that he had acquired, all of it paled in comparison to the man that was King. As a chimera, he was a visionary, as a criminal, he was legendary, and as a lover, all of his successes made him highly desirable. Though he was known as a pursuer of countless women, his relationship with her went beyond mere friendship, and while he was fiercely loyal to all those he had chosen to protect he also had a reputation to uphold. One that was not entirely unearned.

Returning the kiss with equal vigor, King started stroking the base of her tail. And despite the fact that Angela’s tail was a mass of almost solid muscle, it was still one of his favorite places to touch, because it often led to places that were even better.

Tasting the liqueur on his lips while his strong hands started to search for something, she began gasping for air as he started pulling at her underwear. “Silly man, you have to untie them first.” Angela was about to show him how when he pushed her hands out of the way.

No time for that.” Said King as he used the tips of his claws to sever the strings that held them in place. “Your ready to go now,” Showing off his massive erection as he dropped his pants, He said. “And look, so am I.”

Just so you know,” Tracing a line down his chest, Angela watched as he tossed her now useless panties behind the bar. “I’m going to make you pay for those.”

I’ll buy you as many as you like when we’re done.” Turning her around, he slid his hand under her skirt. “But now that that’s out of the way, I can do this.” Spreading her lips with his fingertips, King started rubbing her in all the right places.

Ahh!” Crying out as he forced his fingers into her body, she said. “That feels so good.” Forgetting about the need for foreplay, Angela felt herself getting wetter as the soft pads on King’s paws pressed up against her already sensitive clit.

Remember,” He said as he began to bend her over the bar. “You asked me for this.”

Nodding as she lifted her tail to him, her needy cunt just aching to be filled by his penis, it was fun to pretend that she had never felt him penetrate her before, that they were just like virgins, exploring each other for the very first time. And then it began to happen. Her legs spread to accommodate his length and size, Angela saw herself being mounted in the mirror above the bar. First the tip, then the shaft, feeling it as well as seeing it, King was drawing out the pleasure she felt as he pressed himself deep inside her body.

Grateful that she had something to hold onto, Angela shivered as he pulled out until only the head of his penis was left inside. “Is that all you’ve got?” Taking the time to tease him with her fingers, she stroked his still erect cock. “Funny, I expected something more.”

Oh I’ll show you more.” Biting down on her neck to hold her steady, King began hilting himself with every thrust. “How’s that?” He asked her. “You like it like that don’t you?”

King, your an animal, a beast.” Calling him names between gasps for air, she just shook her head and said. “I can still talk, and you call yourself a chimera?

That’s it.” He hissed into her ear. “Now I’m getting serious.” Thrusting even harder into Angela’s deliciously wet pussy, King forgot about trying to find a rhythm and just started humping her for all she was worth.

Reduced to making soft mewling sounds as the pleasure of being fucked by a horny tiger made her weak in the knees, Angela felt an electric thrill running up her spine as her first orgasm left her unable to breath.

That’s one, Thought King as he grabbed hold of her hips with both hands. Let’s see if we can’t make it a twofer. Squeezing her thighs together as she rode a wave of pleasure, King resisted the urge to climax along with her.

King can still keep going? Holding onto the edge of the bar for dear life, Angela thought to herself. But if he keeps up like this I’ll . . . Pushing back as he pushed in, she could feel herself getting tighter with every thrust.

Mmm, that feels so nice.” Purring as he pounded her pussy the way she wanted him too, King said. “Angela, you really know how to have a good time.”

Yeah,” Angela replied as she felt her body start to sing for a second time. “So do you.”

Suddenly wanting her to be naked so that he could better rub her breasts, King lifted her into the air and sat down on a stool. With Angela now sitting in his lap he was free to feel her up as much as he wished.

King,” Said Angela as he slid his hands up her body and under her shirt. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Trying something new.” Seeing himself reflected in the mirror, his expression was both smug and superior, and so was hers.

Something new huh?” Reaching back to better wrap her arms around his neck, Angela said. “I like it.”

Stroking both of her breasts as he purred, King could hardly wait to get started.

I still can’t believe this thing fits inside of me though.” Teasing the tip of his penis with her fingers, Angela shifted her position so that all she had to do was sit back down and he would slowly hilt himself inside her.

You’re an impossible woman to please.” Letting the warmth of her body surround him as he pulled her back down, King said. “Good thing I enjoy a challenge.” Forced to make love to her more slowly, King held onto Angela by the hips. His thrusts gradually gaining in moment as he figured out the trick to it.

Riding him for all he was worth, Angela could feel her body begin crying out for release.

King, don’t stop now, I’m so close I can feel you, ah!”

Wishing that he had a little more time to practice, King knew that he couldn’t keep it up for long. Because even though he had been taught never to take his own pleasure until his partner had been properly satisfied, he knew his limits better then anyone else, and he was quickly approaching his.

Pulling out before his own need to ejaculate caused an unforgivable accident, King took a deep breath and sighed. “That was wonderful Angela, thank you.”

Don’t give me that ‘thank you’ crap.” Her need to be mated temporarily satisfied Angela was suddenly back to her old self. “King, you were so close I could feel it. Besides, if you had just managed to keep going for a little bit longer . . . you would have broken your old record.” Feeling like she had just been cheated out of a long sought after prize, she turned around and asked him. “So why did you stop?”

Losing himself in her eyes, King felt the truth spring to his lips as easily as the lies.

Normally, there wasn’t any danger of actually conceiving a child, since before they were even born, all male chimeras had their ability to reproduce genetically turned off. It wasn’t a permanent process of course, Exotica Geno-Works would never have been able to turn a profit if it was, but since all it took to turn their reproductive functions back on was a few quick tweaks to the somatic gene receptors, as a way of controlling the ratio of humans to chimeras at any given time, it had served as a far more efficient and effective method then simply rendering the entire population base infertile.

King on the other hand, as a product of the union between a human and a chimera, had learned the hard way, that not only had the genes governing his reproductive capabilities not been turned off, but that he was also cross fertile.

I’m sorry,” King said at last. “But a child is one of the few things, that I still can’t give.”

I thought as much. Hiding the disappointment that she felt behind a carefully composed mask, Angela kissed him until a smile returned to his face. “Still, it never hurts to try. My sister already has a son though. She can’t take her eyes off of him for a second, or else he starts getting into everything. She says that its driving her to distraction.”

Hmm,” Said King. “That sounds an awful lot like these two kids that I happen to know. One minute, their all sweetness and light, the next, they’ve got you wrapped around their fingers.” Grateful for the sudden change in topic he said. “I know, why don’t you tell your sister to come out and visit for a while. Who knows, she might like it out here and decide that she wants to stay.”

But my apartment isn’t big enough for two and . . .” Angela’s eyes widened in surprise as the possibilities suddenly filled her mind. “I just forgot who I’m talking to didn’t I?”

Pulling his pants back up, King just said. “Let me know when she’s coming and I’ll make all of the necessary arrangements.”

King, you don’t know how much this means to me.” Burying her face in the ruff around his neck, she was so happy she could cry. “Serena will be able to help me with running the bar, and Kyle will finally have a strong male role model . . .” Angela just looked up at him and smiled. “And of course, having a bigger place means it will it be even easier for me to get myself a breeding license. And once I have that in hand, all you have to do is make an anonymous donation at the local gene clinic, and nobody will ever have to . . .” Seeing the look of fear on his face, Angela asked him. “King, what’s wrong?”

They found me. I don’t know how they did it but they found me.”

From halfway across the street, King caught sight of Sara’s lips as they started to form the words. “Hien Ko, He’s over there!”

No, don’t look.” Taking hold of Angela’s hand as she started to turn her head, King said. “Just, do me a favor will you. Keep them occupied while I sneak out the back.”

Without agreeing to anything, Angela could only blink in surprise as she watched King suddenly made a break for the back room. The words, “I’m a bartender, not a babysitter!” Barely had time to pass from her lips before she even thought to try and stop him.

Just a second ago you were telling me how you wanted to have kids.” Too late to give chase King was already halfway to the door when he said. “Just think of this as practice!”