Lustre Zeal Prototype Three

  This turned out better then I thought it would. Granted that isn’t saying all that much as many of the framing devices used in comics are still unfamiliar to me and if this were a novel I could easily… Continue Reading →

Lustre Zeal Prototype 2

Sounds like a good deal to me, and besides, who wouldn’t trust that face? If you feel like if you feel like supporting Lustre Zeal or any of the future projects I have in store then check out my Patreon… Continue Reading →

Lustre Zeal Prototype 1

  And so begins a new adventure, Lustre Zeal : The Vanishing World! An into other world fantasy adventure (cough) Isekai (cough) that is in no way a nostalgia trip or an homage to the kind of manga and videogames… Continue Reading →

Earth Shattering Roar

  Well, there is definitely a color pallette at work here. Not sure whether the look and feel really embodies the more dark and mature themes I prefer to work with when writing but it is a step towards being… Continue Reading →

A Distant Star

  I’m starting to wonder just how much choice artists really have when it comes to the techniques they use because not only are we limited by the means, the methods, and the medium we use, but also the time… Continue Reading →

Layout Test 4.16.17

  Ye gods, there’s like a billion and one things going on behind the scenes with this picture and just trying to keep track of them all is like stepping into strange and foreign territory. First there’s writing the script,… Continue Reading →

Strange Land

  Strange Land This was supposed to be the cover image for a comic I was working on, I even wrote a script for it and everything. But once it came time to work on the comic itself . …. Continue Reading →

Eden Code Concept Art Above The Clouds

  Eden Code Concept Art Above The Clouds Mmm, that’s good progress. Starting to understand what it takes to be able to do this at a professional level and what it takes to make something look impressive as there is… Continue Reading →

Eden Code System Administration Concept Sketch

  Eden Code System Administration Concept Sketch This was as far as I got before the glitches in the process of drawing backgrounds and environments that I’ve been trying to work out got too numerous for me to continue as… Continue Reading →

Eden Code Character Class Concept Art Heavy Blade

  Eden Code Character Class Concept Art Heavy Blade Its not the size of the sword that matters, its how you use it right? Nothing like trying to learn how to paint leather and metal at the same time. Turned… Continue Reading →

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