The Compass of Balance and Order

  More concept art for Lustre Zeal. While attempting to try and develop the look and feel of the world the characters interact with I’ve also been trying to learn how to balance the aesthetics that I enjoyed while growing… Continue Reading →

Sketch Work 7.13.17

  Sketch Work 7.13.17 I’m almost certain muscles don’t work that way, but eh, between trying to develop the manual dexterity to control the direction of the line and the understanding of tone and value when working with inks at… Continue Reading →

Three Heroes

  Development Log 7.7.17 Still working on developing Lustre Zeal. I managed to write a script for the first couple of pages that serves to establish the setting and the primary conflict, but when it came to laying out the… Continue Reading →

Layout Test 6.25.17

  Layout test 6.25.17 Ever get the feeling when you sit down to write or draw that your fears and doubts are trying to creep up on you? Also weekly development log! Development Log 6.30.17 A week in review. Too… Continue Reading →

Sketch Work 6.13.17

  Development Log 6.16.17 A week in review. So between bouts of real life kicking my ass and days spent helping out as a creative consultant, which is quite possibly one of the most bizarre tasks that I’ve encountered while… Continue Reading →

Inking test 6.13.17

  Inking test 6.13.17 Between trying to develop the look and feel of an entire world, learning various framing devices, and acting as a creative consultant and editor at another studio I somehow found the time to try out some… Continue Reading →


  Chronoworks Whelp . . . that’s a dramatic level of improvement. Still need to work on color theory and construction but at least the ideas are getting interesting.

Inking test 6.3.17

  Well, the good news is I managed to find books on how to draw manga that actually go on to name the techniques that Japanese artists use and the reasons for them. Now I just have to work on… Continue Reading →

Lustre Zeal Prototype 5

  Some of the things I’ve learned from working on comics in the last week alone . . . 1) Consistency is key. Art evolution is great when it means your work is improving, decisions are being made faster and… Continue Reading →

Lustre Zeal Prototype 4

Sweet Holy Mother of Crap on a Freaking Crutch! Scuse me while I get that off my chest but I was not expecting it to take me as long as it did just to finish a single page. I mean… Continue Reading →

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