Sketch Work 7.13.17

  Sketch Work 7.13.17 I’m almost certain muscles don’t work that way, but eh, between trying to develop the manual dexterity to control the direction of the line and the understanding of tone and value when working with inks at… Continue Reading →

Legacy Act 2 Chapter Four

Due to the sheer size and complexity of SynCity, and the challenges that we will face in meeting the daily needs of such an immense population, it would seem a far more prudent course of action to divide our fair… Continue Reading →

Legacy Act 2 Chapter Three

In some ways, a servant is more free than any king could ever hope to be. Chapter Three : Protege. Seeing as it consisted of little more than four walls, a kitchen and a bed, King’s apartment served as a… Continue Reading →

Three Heroes

  Development Log 7.7.17 Still working on developing Lustre Zeal. I managed to write a script for the first couple of pages that serves to establish the setting and the primary conflict, but when it came to laying out the… Continue Reading →

Legacy Act 2 Chapter Two

Paragraph thirteen of the SynCity unifying charter, subsection thirty-six states: That all citizens hoping to travel between sectors are first required to register their bio-metric data with the department of Internal Affairs. Any failure to do so, will result in… Continue Reading →

Layout Test 6.25.17

  Layout test 6.25.17 Ever get the feeling when you sit down to write or draw that your fears and doubts are trying to creep up on you? Also weekly development log! Development Log 6.30.17 A week in review. Too… Continue Reading →

Legacy Act 2 Concept Art

  Well, we’ve reached the end of Legacy’s first act, and before I get into my thoughts about managing a project like this I’d to thank everyone who’s read, subscribed, liked, upvoted, commented or supported the series on Patreon thus… Continue Reading →

Legacy Act 2 Chapter One

Act two: Tiger Tiger Burning Bright In my youth, I reveled in the glory the beast brought to me, and with its power, paved the way for the man I would one day become. ~~King Chapter One : The road… Continue Reading →

Legacy Chapter Forty Five

Somewhere along the way, I suppose I started thinking of chimeras as being akin to my own children. And now, having watched him grow, I’ve come to a realization. That like all children, they must someday step beyond their parents,… Continue Reading →

Sketch Work 6.13.17

  Development Log 6.16.17 A week in review. So between bouts of real life kicking my ass and days spent helping out as a creative consultant, which is quite possibly one of the most bizarre tasks that I’ve encountered while… Continue Reading →

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