Welcome to WolfWalkerStudios home base for the creative forays undertaken by the artist and writer KemonoCross, we’ve got a few different things on offer so stick around and check things out.

Lustre Zeal

What if you were given the chance to start over, the opportunity to begin a new life, in a new world, and all you had to offer in exchange, was your most undesirable memories.

Would you take it?

Set in world shrouded in a Mist that can steal away a person’s memories, where Humans, Elves and Demi-Beasts wage a centuries long holy war, and countless Adventurers seek to discover the secrets behind the tower that hangs ominously in the sky, Lustre Zeal is a fantasy graphic novel that begs the question . . . what happens to those we leave behind?

Practical Theory (In Development)

Based on all of the things I’ve experienced while teaching myself how to write and draw Practical Theory is an attempt to build a bridge between the world of creative expression and the challenges we face when first starting out. Suitable for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of the creative process and the forces that shape it Practical Theory leans more toward the intellectual side of things rather then the emotional, so if you’re looking for a series that gives a name to everything, and I do mean everything, chances are this is the series for you. Plans for this series include infographics, tutorial videos, and online Q&A sessions.

Legacy (On Hiatus)

Taking place in a not so distant future Legacy is a psychological science fiction thriller set against a backdrop of Neo-noir corporate futurism and transhuman ethics with a healthy dose of existential nihilism thrown into the mix. WARNING this novel contains graphic depictions of sex and violence and is considered NSFW, you have been warned, it is also an exploration of the limits of what the written word is capable of conveying in terms of emotional content and the possibilities that fighting the first war holds.


(More information coming soon!)


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